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My work in The Darkest Files

We are currently in development, so I cannot show that much yet. But here I support the company with my game design as well.

Designing new Features

I helped to design parts of the Court, the Reconstruction Board and smaller things from the very start.

Documenting and Teaching

I like to document our working statusses, so everybody is on track. I protocol our meetings, so no info is getting los. 

I also record single parts of technical setups, so other colleagues can learn it without hesitating. In addition to that I write Wiki Entries for my co-workers, so everything is documented somehwere, in case a person is not here.

Design Support and Playtest

I am happy to help my coworkers brainstorming and finding arguments for specific features or just to give them positive feedback.

Game Flow Adjustments

With our narrative Tool ArticyDraft we can quickly adjust the logic behind single days and make the puzzle design better ​and more fluent for the player.


I also take care of the tutorial, making sure it's triggered in the right place and includes the right text.

Visual and technical Set-up

For one of our key-mechanics I help to set up the scene inside of Unity and then place the correspdoning art assets to it and build in interactions. 

My work in Beholder 3

I worked on the Game "Beholder 3" from October 2021 until March 2022. My main task was to do the narrative side of the game, but I supported the company with my game design as well.


I took care of the inputs and outputs of the game and balanced them, by bills, by quest completion amounts and more.

I played through the game several times and triggered different bills in ArticyDraft, defined shop prices, defined Quest rewards, and defined fines, to get game over.

Quest Designs

I designed a few Quests in Beholder 3, including two of the final questlines. For that I brainstomred the logic and required Features I would need for that. 

Example: "High Frequencies" 
I have to place three transmitters into three different locations while these people guard their door. 

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